"Legacy of the Mountain Meadows Massacre"

A Film by Brian Patrick


Biography For Brian Patrick

Brian Patrick has been directing award-winning documentaries for over 30 years. Three films that he has directed, produced, and edited have aired on National Television, including Testimony, The Hideout, and On Their Honor. Patrick has collaborated with directors such as Steven Spielberg, interviewing survivors of the Holocaust. He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Ohio University School of Film, and has taught film/video production at 5 universities, including the University of Utah, for over 25 years. During this time, he developed and taught courses in film/video production, film history survey (documentary, experimental, animation), and film directing. He has been Co-chair of the Film Studies Division from 1991 to the present. Patrick recently completed a feature length documentary entitled “Burying the Past–Legacy of the Mountain Meadows Massacre.”

Brian Patrick's FILMOGRAPHY:

2004 Burying the Past - "Legacy of the Mountain Meadows Massacre". 86 min. A documentary feature about the tragic 1857 immigrant massacre in Southern Utah.
2001 Encounter-Library Scene A 6 min video scene adapted and directed from the feature length screenplay.
2000 Mountain Meadows Dedication A 75 min. video record of the dedication of the new monument and the Mountain Meadows Massacre site.
2000 Mountain Meadows Memorial A 90 min. video record of the funeral of the bones of the original Mountain Meadows Massacre
1998 It All Started Here. The 50th Anniversary celebration for the College of Fine Arts
at the University of Utah-2 hours video.
1997 Encounter. Feature length narrative screenplay adapted from the Doubleday novel by Ivy Ruckman. Purchased option for screenplay.
1995/97 Shoah Interviews Interviews with Jewish holocaust survivors for Steven Speilberg's Shoah Foundation. Videographer. 1995/96
1994 The Gaurdian.18 min. 3/4 inch promotional video for Univ. of Utah College of Fine Arts. Associate Producer/Camera.
1993 The Persians.90 min. 3/4 inch video of theatre production. Director/Lead camera.
1991 Promise Not to Tell. PBS feature length documentary. Advisor/Associate producer.
1990 Ladies of the Dance. 16mm, 30 film. A portrait of the women who started the University of Utah Modern Dance Department.
1989 Humane Society PSA. 60 & 30 sec. television spots
Sundance Choreography Workshop Two modern dance films photographed for the Sundance Institute.
1988 Mask Modern. 16mm, Color, 12 min. A documentary of a Salt Lake masquerade
1983 Dance Journal. 16mm, color, 30 min. A 1979 documentary tour of Britain with
the University of Utah Performing Dance Company.
1982 "Extra" video stories. A series of 13 short documentaries produced for KUTV Television.
1981 The HideOut. 16mm, color, 83 min. A feature length documentary about the Utah State Prison and how convicts use it as a sanctuary.
1979 Egyptology. 18 min. An impressionistic documentary travelogue of a trip through Egypt.
1975 The Cheyenne Student Films. 16mm, color, 30 min. A package of 7 student films made during an artist residency at a junior and senior high school in Cheyenne,WY.
1973 On Their Honor. 16mm, color, 55 min. & 30 min. A documentary portrait of an honor prison camp located in a state forest in Southeastern Ohio.
1972 HoneyMoon. 16mm, color, 18 min. An experimental/documentary based on motorcycle trip through Mexico. Graduate thesis work.
1971 Rainbow School. Super-8, color, 10 min. A pictorial study of a class of retarded children at the zoo.
1970 Looking to Find. 16mm, color, 25 min. A documentary about Ohio University. Commissioned by the Alumni Association. Film Editor.
1969 Testimony. 16mm, black & white, 17 min. A documentary portrait of a fundamentalist (Pentecostal) church in Athens, Ohio. Undergraduate thesis work.
1969 Is a Pot. 16mm, black & white, 5 min. A visual exercise on pottery making.
1968 Fools Mate. 16mm, black & white, 2 min. A short narrative film.

THE Baja 1000--Rocky Mountain Emmy Award, Society of TV Artists, 1982. Best Photography.


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Burying The Past – Legacy of The Mountain Meadows Massacre “Best of State Award Utah 2004”

“Broadcast Education Association King Foundation Award Winner” (Best of Festival),
“Broadcast Education Association Best Documentary,”
“Accolade Award of Excellence” for Documentary Feature,
“Accolade Award of Excellence” for Narration,
“Best of Festival Award” (Berkeley Film Festival),
“Chris Award” (Columbus International Film Festival),
“Best Musical Score” (Park City Film Music Festival).
Also selected for showing: Denver International Film Festival, Arizona International Film Festival, Santa Fe Film Festival, Breckenridge Film Festival, Bare Bones Film Festival, Sedona International Film Festival.

Dance Journal award, Dance on Camera Film Festival, New York, 1985.

The Hide Out--Athens International Film Festival, Merit Award. Selected for showing: Sundance Film Festival (1983), Mill Valley Film Festival (1981), Margaret Mead Film Festival (1982), American Museum of Natural History, N.Y. Broadcast KUTV (NBC affiliate) Television. Nominated for a Rocky Mountain Emmy Award. Broadcast WNET (PBS) New York, April & August, 1983. Articles: Newsday Magazine, April, 1983; American Anthropologist, September, 1983.

Egyptology--Special Merit, San Francisco International Film Festival, 1979. Special Merit, Athens International Film Festival, 1980. Selected U.S. Film Festival, 1979.

On Their Honor--Special Mention, American Film Festival, N.Y., 1976. Special Mention, Athens International Film Festival, 1975. Broadcast O-NET (PBS), 1975.

Honey Moon--1st Place Award. Huntington Galleries Film Exposition, 1973. Selected for showing, Whitney Museum of Art, N.Y., 1973.

Testimony--1st Place Award, Ohio University Film Festival, 1971. 1st Place Award, Ohio State Film Festival, 1970. Special Mention, Esquire Student Film Festival, 1970. 3rd Place Award, Baltimore II Film Festival, 1971. Special Mention, Monterey Independent Film Festival, 1971. Film shown and discussed at the Anthropological Film Conference, Temple University, 1970. Broadcast nationwide by WNET (PBS), 1971. Paragraph mention, Critical Focus, An Introduction to Film (creative documentary) Blumenburg, Wadsworth Publishing, Ca., 1976.

Is A Pot--Special Mention. San Francisco Erotic Film Festival, 1970.